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Production Company: Studio Canal y RTVE en colaboración con Bambú Producciones S.L.

Format: Daily

Duration: 60’

Genre: History / Melodrama


1913. The whole world is on the brink of the abyss. But havens of peace, free from any conflict, can still be found. Like the Promise Palace, in Los Pedroches valley, owned by the Marquess and the Marchioness of Lujan, one of the country’s foremost landowners. 

That day, the palace is adorned in all its splendor to celebrate the wedding of the heir, Tomas.  Just as the banquet was concluding, the appearance of an airplane draws everyone’s attention. The pilot is Manuel, son of the Marquess and Marchioness.  Suddenly, the aircraft starts losing altitude, and it crashes. 

Manuel is about to be consumed by fire, but someone manages to save him: Jana.

Jana gets a job at The Promise Palace as a reward for having saved the son of the Marquess and the Marchioness. But nobody knows that she has plans of her own, which include avenging her mother’s death and finding her missing brother. 

There’s just one element that she hadn’t considered: Manuel, son of the Marquess and the Marchioness… the last person she would have expected to fall in love with.

Can love quench the thirst for vengeance? Could you forgive those who destroyed your life? Your mother’s murderers? The ones who made your own brother disappear?

A woman, vengeance, and a great love story are the ingredients of “The Promise.”


Original Idea: Josep Cister Rubio

Executive Production Bambú Producciones: Josep Cister Rubio

Executive Production RTVE: Borja Gálvez

Production: Ramón Campos y Teresa Fernández-Valdés

Script Coordinator: Susana Prieto, Ruth García, Carmen Llano, Josep Cister Rubio

Screenwriters: Alberto Grondona, Álvaro Bermúdez de Castro, Benjamín Zafra, Juanma Ruiz, Félix J. Velando, Moises Gómez, Miguel Bueno, Rafa Gallego.

Directors: Miguel Conde, Javier Pulido, Eva Bermúdez, Alberto Pernet, Carlos Navarro Ballesteros and David Paricio Burtin

Photography: Alberto Báez

Director Coordinator: Patricia González

Casting: Eva Leira y Yolanda Serano

Original Soundtrack: Álex Conrado

Director of Photography: Gustavo Gala, Óscar Barrio

Art Director: Marcelo Pacheco

Interior Design: María Gómez Lou

Editing: Jani Madrileño

Costume Design: Tania Álvarez

Hair Style & Make up: Natalia Sesé


Ana Garcés

Eva Martín

Arturo Sancho

Joaquín Climent

María Castro

Antonio Velázquez

Andrea del Río

Manuel Regueiro

Carmen Asecas

Alicia Bercán

Paula Losada

Carmen Flores

Teresa Quintero

Sara Molina

Enrique Fortún