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Production Company: Bambú Producciones S.L y Unbelievable Entertainment.

Format: 8X50'

Genre: Dramatic comedy


In La Muga, a small and quiet village in Alto Ampurdán, nothing ever happens. That is, until the Americans arrive, of course. 

The Americans are GALA, a New Yorker and a city girl to the core; her mother, JULIA, who hadn’t been back to her hometown ever since she left as a young girl; and KATE, Gala’s daughter, who has been deceived into traveling, thinking that that trip was a family vacation and that her grandmother doesn’t have long to live.

But family vacation? Far from it. And Julia is very much alive. In fact, GALA, JULIA and KATE are running away from two very dangerous men who Fred, Gala’s husband and Kate’s father, owes a huge sum of money to… If the women want to be safe, their best shot is to hide in that town in the middle of nowhere and hope no one will find out what they are really doing there… and above all pray that the two thugs don’t find them. 

The three women will realize that La Muga is not just a place to stay safe, but also an opportunity for them to start from scratch and discover their true selves.

At least, until the thugs find their hide-out… 



Carlos Sedes
Ken Biller


Ramón Campos
Gema R. Neira
Paula Fernández
Marina Velázquez
Curro Serrano

Production Management

Esperanza Gracia
Sara Gonzalo
Víctor Fandiño “Fandi”

Photography Direction

Daniel Sosa
Andreu Rebés

Art Direction

Ángel Amaro

Costume Design

Irantzu Campos
Olga Rodal

Make-up and Hair Style

Laura Bruy


Claudio Ferrante
Rocío García



Eva Longoria
Carmen Maura
Victoria Bazua
Santiago Cabrera
Gloria Muñoz
Ariadna Gil
James Purefoy
Pep Antón Muñoz
Amaury Nolasco