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Production Company: Bambú Producciones S.L. y La Claqueta PC.

Format: 8x50'

Genre: Bio Drama


Nacho is a 20-year old young man, just like any other: he is passionate, vital and ambitious, wanting to make a mark in the world. He’ll make it what with a quality he hadn’t paid much attention to. Until one day, a more experienced girlfriend than himself makes him realize that he has a gift, an outstanding instrument between his legs.  Following his own instinct and this girlfriend who has fascinated him, Nacho decides to go on the live erotic stage and adult content movies. He’s got love, a well-paid job that he enjoys and the satisfaction to feel that he’s got a knack for something.

 However, the consequences of that way of life soon have a considerable bearing on his life: his family’s incomprehension, professional rivalry, social rejection and the difficulty of coping with his occupation and a stable relationship. Despite all this, Nacho has discovered his vocation and nothing is going to stop him now.  That’s why he doesn’t hesitate to accept the offer of a legendary actor. After making a name for himself in the European movie industry, the doors of the American X industry open up for him soon enough. Shortly afterwards Nacho will become a big star at an international level. However, fame and success will take their toll and make his search for love, stability and his father’s approval all the more difficult.


Executive Production:

Teresa Fernández-Valdés

Ramón Campos

Olmo Figueredo

Co Executive Producer: 

Sara Gonzalo


Víctor Fandiño “Fandi”


David Pinillos

Beatriz Sanchís

Eduardo Casanova


Teresa Fernández-Valdés

Gema R. Neira

Diego Sotelo

María José Rustarazo

Flora G. Villanueva

David Moreno


Diego Polo

Director of Photography :

Óscar Durán

Dani Sosa

Art Direction:

Susana Fernández

Costume Design: 

José Reyes

Make up: 

Elena Cuevas

Hair Style:

Mª José Andrés


Manuel Peinado

Supervisor Postproduction: 

Claudio Emilio Ferrante

Coordinator Postproduction: 

Antonio Pérez

Coordinator Postproduction Assistant: 

Alejandra Hidalgo