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Production Company · Bambú Producciones S.L, Mr. Fields and Fiends Cinema S.L., Una Noche La Película A.I.E, La Termita Films S.L y Noodles Production S.A.R.L
Format · HD
Duration · 2h 10' 
Genre · Drama

Ramón and Celine, a young couple, attend a concert with two other friends on the night of November 13, 2015, at the Bataclan concert venue in Paris. During the terrorist attack, the four of them lose sight of one another. They do not know what has happened to any of the others, nor do they understand what is going on. Their friends stay in the pit by the stage, surrounded by a hail of flying bullets, while Celine and Ramón manage to reach the musicians’ dressing room, separately, and different times, and take refuge there for hours until their release. By the time they get out, they are no longer the same people. And they don’t know if they will ever be again. In the street, along with horror, they discover that their friends have also been lucky: they are alive, they are together, they are not even wounded, and everything seems possible. But that night, which they each experienced differently, leaves a profound mark on their lives and inflicts upon them an unexpected identity, as victims, which they both deal with as best they can in their own way. Celine pushes on, rejecting this new identity, clinging on to her previous life, and Ramón relives the events again and again, in an attempt to take hold of them so he can deal with it and change his way of living up until then. During the year after the attack, the couple tries to get back in sync with one another, to feel connected again as they were before the terrible events that should not have happened to them, and which have so unfairly made them who they are now. They love each other, but the events of that night, and their different experiences, will poison their relationship until it reaches breaking point.


Executive Production 

Ramón Campos 

Jérôme Vidal

Teresa Fernández-Valdés

Isa Campo


Isaki Lacuesta


Isaki Lacuesta

Fran Araújo

Isa Campo


Diego Polo

Laia Coll

Helena Soler


Irina Lubtchansky


Raúl Refree


Laia Collet

Hair Style & Make Up

Alma casal

Milou Sanner


Amanda Villavieja


Fernando Franco

Sergi Dies


Nahuel Pérez 

Noemie Merlant

Quim Gutierrez

Alba Guilera

Hyam Zaytoun

Antonio Buil

Audrey Mikondo

Enric Auquer

Bruno Todeschini

Sophie Broustal

with special collaboration of


Natalia de Molina

and Blanca Apilánez