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Production Company: Bambú Producciones 
Format: 6 x 45'
Genre: True Crime

Early hours of the morning of 22 September 2013. The lifeless form of a young girl is discovered on a secluded forest trail on the outskirts of Santiago de Compostela. The deceased individual is a twelve year old Chinese girl, quickly identified by police officers: it is Asunta Fang Yong Basterra Porto, the adopted daughter of Alfonso Basterra and Rosario Porto. 

The once idyllic family unit formed by the trio now lies in ruins, forever altered. The tragic murder of Asunta has sent shockwaves through the city, leading to a thorough investigation by law enforcement that starts revealing evidence that nobody could imagine. As new clues come to light, it becomes increasingly clear that beneath the seemingly flawless exterior, the Basterra Porto family was concealing a sinister secret. 

Despite initial disbelief from the police officers, mounting evidence is linking Rosario and Alfonso to the tragic death of their daughter:

The same ropes used to bind the child and which were also at the scene of the crime, are found at Rosario’s family residence in Montouto, Teo, close to the trail where the body was found;  the autopsy reveals lethal amounts of Orfidal (Lorazepam) in her system, a drug purchased by Alfonso shortly before the incident. As the case progresses, these findings point toward the clear guilt of the parents. 

As the police investigation unfolds, we explore the years, months, weeks and days leading up to Asunta’s death, uncovering the layers of what seemed like a picture-perfect, cultured and educated family. However, beneath the surface lies a family tainted by deep-rooted and unspeakable secrets. The potential motives behind Asunta’s death are slowly unveiled, as the girl unknowingly approaches the day of her tragic murder. 

Finally, with the arrest of Rosario and Alfonso, Santiago becomes a hub of media activity. Messages of support for the family turn into insults at the doors of the court. The authorities are convinced that Asunta’s parents have murdered her, yet the unanswered question lingers: What was their motive? 

The interplay between past and present strings together possible reasons: Could Rosario have grown disinterested in her daughter once she began a romantic relationship with a lover? But, if that were the case, the question arises: Why did Alfonso assist her? What dark and twisted motivations could drive an already separated couple to conspire to bring about the tragic end of their 13-year-old daughter? 


Created by: Ramón Campos y Gema R. Neira

Carlos Sedes
Jacobo Martínez

Ramón Campos
Gema R. Neira
Jon de la Cuesta
David Orea
Javier Chacartégui

Production Management:
Míriam Devesa
Víctor Fandiño “Fandi”

Directors of Photography:
Daniel Sosa
Diego Cabezas

Art Direction:
Antonio Pereira

Costume Design:
Lola Dapena

Make up & Hair Style:
Jorge Hernández
Mara Collazo

Claudio Ferrante
J. J Marcos


Candela Peña
Tristán Ulla
Javier Gutiérrez
María León
Carlos Blanco
Francesç Orella
Ricardo de Barreiro
Iris Whu

With the special collaboration of

Raúl Arévalo and  Alicia Borrachero